In 1978 I attended University of Washington, determined to become an artist and writer. I took life drawing class, creative writing workshops and pottery. I wore my peasant skirt with my boots and let my hair go wild. Somewhere over the past 30-plus years, the peasant-skirt wearing, free-flowing hair girl was lost. I am rediscovering her and having the time of my life doing so. I am inspired daily by the world around us and seek to uplift and inspire others with my art.


Color-I love it. I am not a grey, or black and white kind of person. My life is filled with color. I have tried numerous times to subdue my paintings, but as if they have a life of their own, they revitalize themselves with bright, rich, and eclectic colors.

Texture-I love feeling the paint on my fingers and hands( I prefer to paint with my fingers but will use a brush if needed). I enjoy the textures a painting has when I add molding paste, ground egg shells, mica chips, sand, and other items into the painting. The textures create shadows and highlights that add  depth and value to the painting. The lights are lighter and the darks are darker.

Words-I am a sucker for an inspirational or humorous saying. I like words to move me, to inspire me, to make me think. I want my art to inspire or enrich someone’s life. My artwork is meant to be given and shared as inspiration more than as art. In other words, I understand that what I paint will not be hanging in a museum, but I can see it becoming a significant source of inspiration to someone who hangs it in their home.

Inspirational Quote
Inspirational Quote

Women-I am inspired by other women who have found a successful path for themselves without compromising who they are. I think it has been difficult for many women of the “Baby Boomer” generation to separate themselves from their families and work obligations. We want to please. We want to make nice. We often times worry more about being liked than we do about liking what we do. In the art community I see many women with a strong point of view who are working hard to quiet their inner critic and let their creative soul emerge.


Don’t like- My toes, oysters, horror movies, Monopoly, Scotch , Bourbon, cigarettes, snakes, the Dentist, spicy food, pushy sales people, long lines, mushy apples, liver and onions, micro-economics and macro-economics.

Like- Wine and coffee, inspirational stories, laughter, family, Scrabble, Pictionary, anything sparkly, color, the smell of fresh cut grass, fresh flowers, milk chocolate, jazz, going barefoot, dangly earrings, hugs, warmth of a fire on a cold night, candles, apples and cinnamon, love stories, fresh baked bread with butter, clouds, doors, funny movies that make you laugh so hard you cry, crystal (see sparkly above), coffee mugs that fit firmly in your hand, snow angels, rain, rainbows, kindness, pumpkin ice cream, wooly-worms, and good people doing good things.


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