Sink into your life!

Live Fully

I am at the LeMay Wine and Chocolate event this weekend in Tacoma. Having a great time with fellow Vancouver, WA artisans and meeting a few new friends. The best part of the weekend though is the bed at the hotel. I am still laying in bed, propped up with the most amazing pillows behind my back, just relaxing. It’s 11AM and I have no desire to leave the comfort of my room, although Costco is across the street and their sample tastings are calling my name. My husband is reading his paper and also loving the downtime. It’s really delightful to just kick back and sink into your life.

We have heard about a “must visit” wine shop/deli in the area. The weather is nice enough, a few clouds and a slight wind, so we may wander out and taste a little wine and grab some deli meat and cheese. Sometimes we need to spend the time with one another doing nothing more than just being. I have missed those moments. Too many commitments the past few months that have directed our time.

Wishing you some special time with your loved ones this weekend!


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