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Have you ever wanted to get better at something but didn’t know how? Me too! By taking a short online survey you can help me improve my website. In appreciation of your time and effort, you will receive a free digital download of my artwork. Check back to see the changes that you have helped to create!
Link to the short survey http://goo.gl/31m9bZ  (the link to the free digital download of my artwork will be given at the end of the survey)
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Sink into your life!

Live Fully

I am at the LeMay Wine and Chocolate event this weekend in Tacoma. Having a great time with fellow Vancouver, WA artisans and meeting a few new friends. The best part of the weekend though is the bed at the hotel. I am still laying in bed, propped up with the most amazing pillows behind my back, just relaxing. It’s 11AM and I have no desire to leave the comfort of my room, although Costco is across the street and their sample tastings are calling my name. My husband is reading his paper and also loving the downtime. It’s really delightful to just kick back and sink into your life.

We have heard about a “must visit” wine shop/deli in the area. The weather is nice enough, a few clouds and a slight wind, so we may wander out and taste a little wine and grab some deli meat and cheese. Sometimes we need to spend the time with one another doing nothing more than just being. I have missed those moments. Too many commitments the past few months that have directed our time.

Wishing you some special time with your loved ones this weekend!

Creating a mixed media art bag

I created this functional bag using canvas fabric and Tattered Angels High Impact paints. Though the creamy, rich colors of Tattered Angels High Impact paints {http://www.mytatteredangels.com} make painting canvas fabric a breeze, one could use almost any brand of acrylic or fabric paints and receive similar results. I created the sewing pattern for this bag but any store bought sewing pattern or canvas tote could be used as well. Even though I focus on the mixed media techniques of the project and not the sewing of the bag, I will be sharing some sewing tips that will add interest to the final product.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic1]

Whether you use your tote for groceries, travel, or about town, you can add a little panache to your day with this stylish bag.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic2]

Top left: Items used are a spray bottle, Tattered Angels High Impact Paints (or acrylic/fabric paints of your choice), stencils, brushes, and permanent markers (not shown).

Top right: Spray your canvas fabric with water and then apply your yellow paint in a haphazard motion.

Bottom left: While still damp, apply your orange paint using a stencil and stencil brush. Please do not try to be precise as this is just your background. A casual approach will give your finished piece a more artsy feel.

Bottom right: In another area of your bag, add water and your yellow paint using a stencil of your choosing. I added the stencil work before the orange background paint so that I would not lose the vibrant yellow color. Next, add some orange around your yellow pattern. Again, this is to keep the vibrancy of the yellow.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic3]

Top left: I added additional interest by applying script writing with a stencil and red fabric paint.

Bottom left: Spray water on your contrasting canvas fabric and apply orange and yellow paint using your stencils. At this point we are creating some consistency across the fabrics.

Bottom right: Heat set your paints by using a piece of muslin as a pressing cloth. I ironed both sides of the fabrics on a cotton setting.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic4]]

Top left: I sewed the bag together using a 16 needle as the fabric is quite heavy.

Top right: By using a contrasting thread and topstitching the seams you create some wonderful details on the finished bag. It would also be fun to add some freestyle quilting to the bag using different colored threads. I may try this on my next bag.

Bottom left: I added long handles to the bag using the same red canvas fabric that I used for the middle portion of the bag.

Bottom right: Side panel of the bag. You will also notice the transformation of the original fabric by the white and red canvas fabric that the tote bag is sitting on.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic5]

The really fun part of the project! I took permanent markers in varying colors and started adding wording and a few doodles. You can let your imagine run free and embellish the heck out of your bag. I will be adding more doodles and lettering as time allows.

[15April_TJD_ Mixed Media Bag Pic6]

I hope you have a great time creating your own tote and wishing you much joy in your life!

Firm beds and even firmer pillows!

I am in need of coffee and at this time it is three floors below me in the lobby of the hotel. I do have the little packets of coffee in the room complete with the powder creamer, sugar packet, and stir stick, but today I am in need of some REAL coffee. My hair is in knots from tossing and turning all night and I look a mess. Tossing and turning was the fault of a firm pillow and even firmer bed. I prefer a soft fluffy pillow I can sink my head into and get comfy up for the night. Ugh. Not feeling like facing other people so early in the morning. Since I do not have a butler to bring me my coffee it looks like I will be meandering down the three floors to breakfast. How is your day going? Did you get your coffee this morning?