4×4 Canvas Challenge


I love a good challenge and Canvas Corp definitely supplied their 2015 design team with one. Each design team member was given a 4×4 canvas and directed to create the canvas in their own design style. I typically work on an 8×10 or larger canvas, so to create on such a small work surface was challenging to say the least.

I created a design on a larger canvas (see below) for Canvas Corps booth at CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) and decided to add the 4×4 as its companion. The artwork on the larger canvas was bridal themed so I kept the 4×4 with the same theme as well. The focus of the smaller canvas was its color palette of pink, green, and teal. I love teal, I REALLY LOVE teal! It pairs beautifully with a soft pink and green. I added a few Swarovski crystals to complete the bridal aspect of the design and attached the wording in honor of the bride.

If you would like to vote for your favorite 4×4 canvas, and see the other designs as well, please follow the link below.







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