Monday is my Groundhog Day.

I hate to see the weekend come to a close, but there is something about starting over every Monday that I like. Mondays for me are a clean slate. I get to re-prioritize my to-do list and recommit to my exercise program. Of course it won’t all get done, but that is why I like Monday. It’s my groundhog day. I am rather surprised to look at the last few lists and see the same items keep popping up over and over again. Yes, I do need to actually step on the treadmill and not just keep putting it on my list. It’s as though I think by listing it I will somehow magically make it happen. Oh well, next Monday I am sure that “walk 2 miles per day” will rise to the top of my list, and I will once again make a good faith effort to make it happen. I will get in about 8 miles before other items take over my life.

Hope you all have a productive and fun week!

Hugs, Tammy


2 thoughts on “Monday is my Groundhog Day.

  1. Hi Tammy, nice post. I always make plans during the weekend for Monday, today I did 15 min yoga, and I’m planning to wake up 30 min early to have time for a short walk. But I remembered that last Monday I did the same, and instead waking up early on Tuesday, I woke late and lost my yoga time. Why is it do difficult to do something good for us?


    1. I know! You would think that “Me, myself, and I” would be the first three things on top of my list. However, it seems to be vacuum, sweep, groceries! I think it’s time I lead a small revolution against housework, clean clothes, and fresh milk in the fridge :-). Want to join me?

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