Monday is my Groundhog Day.

I hate to see the weekend come to a close, but there is something about starting over every Monday that I like. Mondays for me are a clean slate. I get to re-prioritize my to-do list and recommit to my exercise program. Of course it won’t all get done, but that is why I like Monday. It’s my groundhog day. I am rather surprised to look at the last few lists and see the same items keep popping up over and over again. Yes, I do need to actually step on the treadmill and not just keep putting it on my list. It’s as though I think by listing it I will somehow magically make it happen. Oh well, next Monday I am sure that “walk 2 miles per day” will rise to the top of my list, and I will once again make a good faith effort to make it happen. I will get in about 8 miles before other items take over my life.

Hope you all have a productive and fun week!

Hugs, Tammy


Expiration Dates


When my daughter was in college she did a six-month study abroad program in Ireland. When it was nearing the end of her stay she started cleaning out the cupboards and sorting through her possessions. She was checking expiration dates on her foods when it hit her, she would be on her flight home before the expiration date on her gallon of milk. When she first left for her journey, six months seemed like an eternity. Now her incredible journey was just days from ending.
I think of this often and have vowed to live a full life in between the expiration dates on the food in my cupboard. When I put my groceries away, I check the expiration dates and try to imagine what my life will encompass before the cereal is no longer fit for human consumption. It challenges me to create a list of what I want to do, and then methodically check those items off. It may be hiking a local trail, catching the highly rated movie coming out next week, finishing a favorite book, having lunch with a trusted friend, or just relaxing (and I mean truly relaxing ) with my hubby.
Create your expiration-date list. What do you want to accomplish before your milk expires in two weeks? What will you do before your soup expires in 18 months? When you put pen to paper I highly doubt buying a new car or couch will make the list. I’m sure your list will be filled with family and friends, your favorite hobby, or other grand adventures.
Next time you are putting your groceries away check those expiration dates. You will be reminded that we all have our own personal expiration date as well, and I am sure it will give your life some much needed clarity.

She Was Born to Fly

I created this artwork for all of us who have taken the leap of faith to create a life that aligns with our truest self. Making a change in our life can be difficult, whether it is a new job, a new relationship, or moving to a new city. I quit my job almost two years ago to start my own business. It has been difficult at times, but I have NEVER regretted my decision.

Wishing you all the courage to be your truest self. You just need to take the leap and trust your wings.