Summer Evenings Are For Relaxing

What a gorgeous evening in my little corner of the world. The heat of the day has given way to the cool evening air. It’s Sunday evening and the sounds of children playing in their respective yards echo down the valley. The last rays of the evening sun bounce off the windows of neighboring houses perched high on an adjacent hill,

I am sitting on our porch sipping the last glass of wine from my favorite bottle that was opened last week to celebrate a personal achievement. I will have to make a trip to Willamette Valley Vineyard to pick up another bottle of my favorite Oregon Blossom sometime in the coming months. This is one item on my to-do list that I always enjoy. My husband and I typically make a day of it and visit my daughter and her boyfriend along the way.

My must-do for the coming holiday season is growing long and the art shows are quickly approaching. I am starting to receive orders for material and art supplies that I will need to create enough product for the numerous events I will be attending. I know it will be a lot of work and my feet will ache from standing and my throat will be sore from talking, but I am happy to be leading a life that I love. I have a wonderful husband, amazing kids, a family support system that I can count on, and friends that keep me sane. Although the art shows are made up of long hours and back breaking set-ups, I remind myself that I could be working a 9-5 job again, and the work doesn’t seem nearly so difficult.

The sun has left the evening sky and we are in those few moments of twilight.The owls hoot from their perch high in the tree and the bats awaken from their sleep. They make their escape from our carport and search the evening sky for dinner. The last sip of wine has gone from my glass and our porch lights with automatic sensors have started their night vigil. I think that is my cue to put my computer away and just enjoy the sounds of summer.

Hugs and love,



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