Productive Day in the Studio

Today was a great day in the studio. I am more than halfway done with my new wine signs and have another fifty small canvases primed and ready for the next step. I really like the texture I have been able to achieve on the new signs and have also added some embossing to them. I really like the direction I am headed with my art and have a hard time sleeping at night because I keep thinking of new ideas. Lovin my life right now!

I received notice earlier this week that I have been accepted to two juried art shows in March. The first is in Spokane on March 7-9, and the second is in Pasco March 22-24. I am looking forward to meeting the other artisans and visiting with the public. The Spokane show has an estimated crowd of 11K while the Pasco has an attendance of 5K. I think I may need more business cards!

Beginning stages of the wine signs
After adding paint and texture. Next step is detailing and lettering.



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