Drip, Texture, and Doors

I spent the day in the studio working on some new items. My husband was doing some patchwork on a wall with joint compound so I “borrowed” some and used it to create texture on my artwork.

I smeared the joint compound over some stencils and loved the texture and depth it created. I sprayed paint and inks onto the paper and then used calligraphy ink to drip down the sides of the project. I love the dark black against the orange and red. I will wait for them to dry completely and then add some lettering and tags to finish them off.


The below photos show my obsession with doors and pathways. I take pictures of doors that speak to me and have quite a collection from my many trips. One of my favorite doors is the bottom middle taken in Ireland. This door was on the campus of Trinity University and I thought it was spectacular.


I have taken my photos and collaged them onto watercolor paper. I am about halfway done with them and will be working on them again next week. These pieces (12 total) will be sent to other artists throughout the world. In return, I will receive 12 pieces of art work from 12 different artists. We are hoping to have everyone’s artwork by the end of March. I am excited to see what I get in return and will post photos once I receive them.


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