Baby Boomer’s Second Chance

I guess you can classify me as a Baby Boomer in search of her creative soul. I was once an aspiring artist and creative writer, but life sent me on a detour before I completed my creative journey.  Fast forward thirty years and I am once again on the road to creative freedom. I am wiser and have a wealth of support behind me this time. My two wonderful daughters and my amazing husband who have become my staunchest supporters. They go above and beyond to encourage and assist me so that I have the freedom to create and make art.

I find creating art to be enjoyable and fulfilling. But making my art is only half of my journey. I also want to make money at making art. That is far more difficult. In technological aspects, I am at a disadvantage to my younger counterparts. Another member of a group that I am part of once said to me, “social media is a young persons game”.  There is so much to learn about social media, widgets, apps, etc. and although it takes me a bit longer to understand the connection between a Blog, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram, and so many other applications, I am learning, I have an Etsy Store (, a website (, a Facebook page (, a twitter account (CCraftersUSA) and a few others. I feel like I have spent more time trying to understand how they all work than I have actually spent using them. So today I decided to just start typing and let the rest happen as I grow.
I am here to find my creative spirit again and  let it soar. Please join me in my journey!

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