Productive Day in the Studio

Today was a great day in the studio. I am more than halfway done with my new wine signs and have another fifty small canvases primed and ready for the next step. I really like the texture I have been able to achieve on the new signs and have also added some embossing to them. I really like the direction I am headed with my art and have a hard time sleeping at night because I keep thinking of new ideas. Lovin my life right now!

I received notice earlier this week that I have been accepted to two juried art shows in March. The first is in Spokane on March 7-9, and the second is in Pasco March 22-24. I am looking forward to meeting the other artisans and visiting with the public. The Spokane show has an estimated crowd of 11K while the Pasco has an attendance of 5K. I think I may need more business cards!

Beginning stages of the wine signs
After adding paint and texture. Next step is detailing and lettering.



Drip, Texture, and Doors

I spent the day in the studio working on some new items. My husband was doing some patchwork on a wall with joint compound so I “borrowed” some and used it to create texture on my artwork.

I smeared the joint compound over some stencils and loved the texture and depth it created. I sprayed paint and inks onto the paper and then used calligraphy ink to drip down the sides of the project. I love the dark black against the orange and red. I will wait for them to dry completely and then add some lettering and tags to finish them off.


The below photos show my obsession with doors and pathways. I take pictures of doors that speak to me and have quite a collection from my many trips. One of my favorite doors is the bottom middle taken in Ireland. This door was on the campus of Trinity University and I thought it was spectacular.


I have taken my photos and collaged them onto watercolor paper. I am about halfway done with them and will be working on them again next week. These pieces (12 total) will be sent to other artists throughout the world. In return, I will receive 12 pieces of art work from 12 different artists. We are hoping to have everyone’s artwork by the end of March. I am excited to see what I get in return and will post photos once I receive them.

Baby Boomer’s Second Chance

I guess you can classify me as a Baby Boomer in search of her creative soul. I was once an aspiring artist and creative writer, but life sent me on a detour before I completed my creative journey.  Fast forward thirty years and I am once again on the road to creative freedom. I am wiser and have a wealth of support behind me this time. My two wonderful daughters and my amazing husband who have become my staunchest supporters. They go above and beyond to encourage and assist me so that I have the freedom to create and make art.

I find creating art to be enjoyable and fulfilling. But making my art is only half of my journey. I also want to make money at making art. That is far more difficult. In technological aspects, I am at a disadvantage to my younger counterparts. Another member of a group that I am part of once said to me, “social media is a young persons game”.  There is so much to learn about social media, widgets, apps, etc. and although it takes me a bit longer to understand the connection between a Blog, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram, and so many other applications, I am learning, I have an Etsy Store (, a website (, a Facebook page (, a twitter account (CCraftersUSA) and a few others. I feel like I have spent more time trying to understand how they all work than I have actually spent using them. So today I decided to just start typing and let the rest happen as I grow.
I am here to find my creative spirit again and  let it soar. Please join me in my journey!